The current method of media outreach and PR is broken

You reach out to hundreds of journalists never to hear back since they aren't interested in your pitch.

Only way to improve your success rate is targeting journalists better

Its no brainer that sending a pitch to a journalist that has written on same topic in the past will get you a higher success rate.

Get over 10 attributes (such as bio,topics/beats, locations, social media handles, email) of journalists writing for a news domain as a CSV and filter the list to power your PR efforts

A targeted media list will result in better and higher journalist engagement.

Journalist Finder Tool

JournalistFinder is a media contacts database to help you find targeted journalist contact details.

✓ We currently index 30,000 domains and over 300,000 journalists and influencers in our database.

✓ Our tool is incredibly easy to use. You get access to Google sheet containing all the domains and information such as country, language, whether it accepts contributed content etc. You can use this find the domains for your niche

Sample Google sheet with info on 30k news sources. Summary statistics for our database.

✓ Next, go to the JournalistFinder tool page enter the domain (such as to get a CSV file by email containing journalist details.

✓No row limits on exported CSV files and one concurrent data extraction per user

✓ Get over 10 attribute columns such as bio, topics/beats, location, social media handles, email of journalists so that you can filter the CSV locally.

Sample journalist details file generated by our tool.

✓ A targeted media list created from our data will result in better and higher journalist engagement.

✓ Combine our tool with Twitter profile scraper to get additional data such as follower count, number of tweets etc.

Get journalistFinder today to supercharge your PR and media outreach efforts!